20′ X 40′ Solid Arctic Maxx Elite Rectangular Safety Pool Cover

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Solid safety covers that seal out all dirt, debris, and algae have long been hampered by their heavy weight, making them difficult to install and remove. Arctic Maxx solid safety covers have solved this problem with a rugged new solid material that is incredibly strong. This rugged reinforced vinyl material gives your pool the complete protection of a solid safety cover at 33% less weight. Not only is this cover lightweight and easy to use, it is also up to 35% stronger than standard solid safety cover material. Arctic Maxx solid safety covers guard your children and pets while they seal out all winter dirt and debris. Our premium solid safety covers with drain strip feature a center drain strip that allows rainwater to drain off the cover and into the pool. The cover is also available without the drain strip (completely solid), and would then use a cover pump to remove water (pump included with this option). This eliminates the need to pump off the cover in the spring! …

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